👨‍💻 The Bojagi Developer page

Hello Developer!

Bojagi is a communication tool for designers to get timely feedback to developers during a pull request.
Empower your design team to test and review your components live on the web.

No pre-merge deployments

Designers get access to live components for review, automatically within the pull request.

Get visual reviews approved by designers

Designers can approve the implementation of a feature, right alongside code approval.

Our Tech

Right now we support React (tell us if you need something else).

Our CLI is open source, we have docs and we ❤️ Storybook.

Free for public repositories

Bojagi is free for public repositories on GitHub – see our tutorial for getting started with React.
Public repositories will never be required to pay.

We use a lot of open source tools and welcome open source projects using Bojagi, freely.

See what we have to say to CEOs and Designers about Bojagi, too!