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Ship Flawless UIs in Shorter Cycle Times

Bojagi enables instant feedback on visual & interactive web components so UI issues get resolved immediately.

Streamline UI development,
perfect product quality.

Bojagi empowers design and development teams with instant, close-knit collaboration on UI development.

Our tool works by extracting React components from your web app, and then presenting them in their full visual & interactive state.

Designers can then test and leave feedback on new and updated components. All feedback is relayed to developers via GitHub, who can then make immediate changes to skyrocket product quality.

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Designer Friendly

No background in development or coding is required. Bojagi is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that designers can adopt in minutes.

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GitHub Integration

Bojagi has been built specifically for GitHub integration. Collaborating with developers has never been this easy.

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Storybook Support

Already using Storybook? Get started in minutes! Enjoy seamless Storybook Stories integration.

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Visual & Interactive Components

Test Your Design Ideas Early.

Bojagi renders components in real HTML and CSS. Get an up-close, detailed look at how each component will appear in your final shipped product.

Analyze each component carefully. Leave tailored, meaningful feedback. Keep a record of past component versions for future comparison.

You can also play around with each component’s full interactive features. Take your time to thoroughly stress-test functionality, so you find issues before your users do.

Instant Feedback

Resolve UI Issues In The Same Dev Cycle.

Never again let design debt and a backlog of UI issues cripple your new feature release.

With seamless GitHub integration, you can instantly relay feedback to developers, so UI issues get resolved immediately.

Simply review developer changes, leave comments and approve the merge once resolved. You can even annotate feedback with drawings, so you literally point to the issue at hand!

Adela Milburn

10 minutes ago

Can you change the username text color?

Talan Curtis

3 minutes ago


Adela Milburn


Thanks, looks good now

Adela approved the component

Ready to Merge

Integrate with your workflows

Bring your design to life,
exactly the way you planned it.

Using Bojagi, designers can be set as the final gatekeepers of UI and product release quality.

As developers build or update components, you can approve, comment on or reject designs. If issues are not resolved, the task is not signed off by the designer.

Bojagi also works in any continuous-integration environment, and can be tailored to your workflows.

Wanna be strict? Set designers as required approvers to merge Pull Requests. Or, be casual and ping them in Slack, so they can see their designs in action.

Find & resolve UI issues earlier than ever before.

By the time your product or feature is released to a test environment, it’s already too late to make meaningful changes. Bojagi lets you skip the queue, so you can test and give immediate feedback when it matters most.