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Someone from your design or tech team wants to get your approval for using Bojagi in their workflow. It shows your team cares about the quality of their work and want to incrementally improve their processes.

Bojagi increases the efficiency of designer-to-developer collaboration. Designers are empowered to get critical feedback to developers sooner.

Veteran team

The founding team has 25 years of combined working experience and have built services facilitating hundreds of thousands of users.

Supporting the industry standard

Bojagi extends Storybook, which is industry standard tooling. Teams that integrate with Bojagi enjoy collaborative tools and enhanced existing processes.

If you decide to no longer use Bojagi, your engineers can still use the tooling on their own machines freely.

This means that no code is thrown away.

Competitively priced and risk-free

There are no contracts, fees, or licence charges for Bojagi.

Our pricing is transparent. We charge per project, not by usage.

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Schedule a call or to see Bojagi in action.

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