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Bojagi ‍❤️ Storybook

At Bojagi, we bow to Storybook as a stellar tool for developing UI components 🙇.
Bojagi supercharges your Storybook workflow.

Get feedback on live components

Storybook is a great local development tool and Bojagi makes it collaborative. Interact, comment and annotate on live React components and functionality. No screenshots – real implementation!

Share changed components within GitHub pull requests

Your newly changed components are available for UI and UX testing the moment your pull request is created.

What changes to make Bojagi work?

The good news is that your local Storybook workflow remains intact. Add the Bojagi CLI to preview the Storybook stories locally. Lastly, deploy the stories to the Bojagi server in your CI environment on each GitHub branch.

The friendly Bojagi Bot will publish a list of changed components in the pull request and where to review them.

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Try Bojagi today and see how it works in action. We are free during the open Beta!